Fires not only threaten the lives of people but also the lives of thousands of animals living in forests.

“Forests are not just trees. They are literally living spaces. They, on the other hand, are also our breath. Wherever a tree is cut or burned, we need to be there to be the voice of the livings dwelling there.”

In case of a wildfire, animals run away or hide. Many birds escape by flying, mammals try to escape by running, and some reptiles hide underground. Despite the fact that there are various data on the species of animals dying, there are, of course, not very precise data to tell how many animals die in a forest fire. Animals suffer greatly from wildfires in our country.

What should I do if I find an animal in a fire zone?

-Try to keep it away from the fire zone. Avoid contact with your hands because of the risk of burns; you can wrap it in clothes.

-Take it to a warm place. The body temperature decreases so it should be kept in a warm environment.

-We should wash the burns with warm water. 12-18 Celsius degrees of water would be enough.

-Cover the burned wound. Wetting a sterilised cloth, you can cover the wound.

-Cover the animal (using clothes or a blanket)

-Restrict its movement. You can put it into a box or a cage, or tether somewhere stable if its size does not fit.

-Consult a veterinarian. Nearby there must be veterinarians, who manage crisis desks, for sure; try to reach them.

-It would be good to make the transportation on a quiet and dark vehicle.

What should we not do?

-Do not wash the whole animal; do not immerse it in water. Such an application may cause the animal to go into shock.

-Do not apply anything like a cream on the burn, it will be better if the veterinarian does the necessary medical intervention.

-Please do not apply cold to an animal that may go into hypothermia in a possible shock, try to take the necessary precautions to keep it warm!

“Being their voice is our humanistic responsibility, if we ignore them, our ecosystem will collapse; please let us never forget that.”

To beautiful and sunny days with neither viruses nor fires…