n Bodrum, they say “There is thistle, if there is no meat at home”. This saying indicates how valuable a nutrient the thistle is.


Rock samphire grows on the seaside in our country, especially on the lower part of the rocks facing the sea and in sandy fields and it is found almost in every season of the year.


Farmers markets, supermarkets, or tree branches, wherever we prefer to take our fruits from; we do not know much about the benefits of fruits, which we consume, into our bodies.

What do you know about artichokes?

Artichokes showing up in markets in April hit peak flavour in May and June. The health benefits of artichokes are almost too numerous to count. They have the ability to purify the blood and eliminate toxins from the blood.

Indispensable in winter, Echinacea tea

While saying the New Year was coming we have already reached the middle of winter. The cold winter season has shown a peak in viral infections which often cause respiratory tract disease.