veganish things

-Do you not even eat fish?
We do not eat any beings, which have a brain; a nervous system, in a nutshell, which feel pain. We believe that, all living beings have the right to live as much as humans do and the reason they exist is to live in this world. We do not eat fish, chicken, cow... etc and their by produce. We believe that all living beings have the right to live as much as humans and live in this world. The most fundamental right is the right to life and no one has the superiority to end a life.
-You do not consume milk either, is that right? What about cheese?
As all mammals in the world do, cows only produce milk to feed their young. No mother on earth produces her milk to feed another but her offspring. In order to obtain the milk, the industry forcibly keeps cows pregnant and then takes away their calves. The milk is not allowed to be consumed by the calves, although it is intended for them, in order to be sold in the market. By the way, humans are the only species to drink the milk of another species. In a nut shell, we do not consume milk either.
When it comes to the issue of cheese, it is a catch twenty-two situation. In general, when one decides to quit consuming cheese, which is already a compelling decision to make, he/she faces the problem; cheese addiction. The protein casein in cheese stimulates the point of our brain, which is also stimulated when drugs are taken, therefore, it might be difficult to quit. The author of the Chine Study, T. Colin Campbell, PhD also identifies casein as the most prominent carcinogen that has ever been identified. However, consuming olives for breakfast instead of cheese is able to satisfy the need of that taste. As any addiction, cheese addiction is possible to "kick" after a while, besides; it is now possible to have vegan cheese types with different tastes.
-Are plants not living beings either? Is it not a pity to consume them?
As plants lack the nervous system and brain, they do not feel pain. If you want to reproduce or sustain a plant after plucking it, you are able to manage that, under the appropriate conditions met. However, after separating an animal's head from the body, it is impossible to resurrect it. Consequently, there is a large gap between consuming plants and animals that are killed.
-What are the changes you saw in yourself after being vegan? How is your health? How about your blood components?
One of the benefits of being vegan and living in peace is healthy living. I used to have eczema. So many times it would flare up, I had days that I cried, cancelled my program and went home. Likewise, after eating something, I used to feel weak and the need to lie on the sofa. At first, I thought that was because of rice; it was as if I had diabetes and then I asked myself if it was because of the gluten... To my surprise, somnolence and feeling sleepy were not normal after eating, I noticed. I used to have that tiredness and aversion too. My digestive system was bad and I had also been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. I had lived with major depressive disorder since I was a child. It took me a long time to realise that even my happiness depended on nutrition. At first, I did not understand why and how I had got rid of my depression until I understood the importance of the intestines and the nutrients that fed them. Of course, currently those sicknesses of mine are gone. I feel great in myself. Since I became vegan, I have never felt the need of lying down after eating; my eczema is also gone.
-Do children not need to drink milk when they are babies?
No. Babies need milk and what they really require is breast milk. While feeding our children with cow's milk, we make are enabling them to get several diseases. We damage their digestive systems; make them have allergies, respiratory problems and headaches. Consider that, the growth hormones and antibiotics given to dairy cows directly reach your child. Cows and chickens are given so many antibiotics… Do not think that non-industrial chickens and cows differ from those. Hormones are given to cows if they do not produce milk considering them such as machines, moreover the endocrine systems of yours and your child’s gets worse. Early adolescence, infertility, polycystic ovary syndrome, pimples, intestinal gas, swelling, diarrhoea, constipation... This is why. No, of course it is not essential for children to drink milk.