Farmers markets, supermarkets, or tree branches, wherever we prefer to take our fruits from; we do not know much about the benefits of fruits, which we consume, into our bodies. For instance, a mulberry is an extremely effective food source, especially for the digestive system. From its syrups; molasses, jam, dried roll-ups and juices are made. A mulberry is a summer fruit with two varieties of white and black. While a white mulberry is sweeter, a black mulberry has a very pungent aroma.

A white mulberry makes the digestion easier by regulating the intestinal and stomach system. It is also highly beneficial in the treatments of skin diseases like eczema. Mulberries consumed as fasting helps to infect intestinal worms. They have the same function with antibiotics by being particularly good for cankers and throat infections. Berries contain vitamins A and C and are also good for constipation besides being urine removers. Mulberry molasses consumed in cold weather, increase body resistance. A mulberry that is beneficial for the liver is, on the other hand, a haematinic that tends to increase the amount of haemoglobin in the blood.

You are able to find this delicious and one-of-a-kind fruit that ticks all the right boxes, on the market stalls in the summer months.