Sea Daffodil (Pancratium Maritimum)

Is this legend true? We would never know! However, it is obvious that the beauty of Sea Daffodils fascinates those who see it.
Moreover, the fragrance it emits at night is untellable.
Another interesting feature of this plant is that it is used in pharmaceutical production due to more than 150 alkaloids it contains. Sea Daffodil spreading in coastal dunes is a species of bulbous plant belonging to the family of Amaryllidaceae. Bulbs of Sea Daffodil, which attracts attention with its wide and long striped leaves, white flowers and 40-45 cm length, do not remain dehydrated in summer because they are 20-30 cm deep in the soil. Resistant to both salinity and light frost, this fragrant flower dwells in moist soils. Flowering time is from August to October.
The Sea Daffodil, which spreads on the coastal beaches of many coastal countries in the Mediterranean, is in danger of extinction. Despite being protected by law in our country, their numbers have been decreasing and disappearing rapidly year by year.