Sculling is the only sport that you go forward without seeing the rival or the target …
Sculling is an endurance sport that pushes the limits of the human body. Contrary to what is believed, it does not rely solely on arm strength. Legs do the first movement; arms start to work when the legs movement stops. In addition to the leg and arm strength, shoulder strength is also important. In fact, all the muscles of the body are working while sculling. This privileges the sculling.
Sculling is one of the low-impact sports and can be done at any age. The age of starting sculling is between 13 and 14. It is not recommended to start at an early age, but you can do sculling even at eighty.
Its unique geographic richness and daily routes make Bodrum a privilege for sculling. Moreover, it is possible to practice every day of the week in the first federated rowing club in Turkey, BOMASK, which was established to spread and develop sculling in Bodrum.
We have listened to Er Can Unlu, the President of the BOMASK Club about the details of sculling, which is more than a sport - a lifestyle. This sport has a very interesting feature. It is the only sport that all scullers out of the coxswain sweep their backs and scull to the goal. In general, each individual is prone to sculling. It activates and relaxes the whole muscular system. Therefore, it is one of the healthiest sports that everyone can do.
Let me tell you how we started the day this morning.
With the first light of the morning, the sun behind the castle almost gave the impression of a burning castle in the red. We witnessed the change of the landscape view every minute while leaving the harbour accompanied by the magnificent view. The sea lovers, who prefer Bodrum for its sun and weather, are interested in this sport and accordingly our club.
We make those who want to scull have a trial first and we see how suitable they are. In order to do this sport, age and weight are not important factors. People of any age and weight can easily do sports here. After the free trials, we determine who can match whom at which category. If they do not apply as a group, we make the crew, the crew determine the suitable date and time and start sculling. Our trainings start at the best time of the day; at 7 am in the winter and at 6 am in the summer. After five lessons, you start to know several things and twenty lessons later you know enough and start running to come here with your crew.
Should we refer to the team spirit in the boat?
Sculling racing boats consist of three classes: in one paired; one rower sculls a pair of oars, in two paired; two rowers scull two pairs of oars, in four paired; four rowers scull four pairs of oars and also there is a coxswain.
There is a team spirit on the boat. You must be in harmony with your teammates. You can not pull your right or left oar too far. You can not row less either. The person who creates the team spirit and organises everything is “hamla” (stroke), who gives the move. In many countries, the meaning of hamla is captain, who provides all the management of the boat and keeps the team together.
The athlete sitting in the first seat is number one; the one in front of him is number two, then number three and number four, “stroke”. The coxswain sits across the stroke. It is crucial that the stroke and the coxswain understand each other in sign language for the races. The coxswain keeps the stopwatch, counts the rows, tells the rowers their mistakes and motivates them. From the leaving period to the making fast; he is responsible for the termination of the sculling period without a problem. If the stroke pulls the rope, which is on the right side, toward the front side of the boat, the boat heads to left and if he pulls the other rope on the left, it heads to right.
What are the privileges BOMASK offers to the members?
Our club is the first rowing club in Turkey. It is really a big deal. As a rowing club, we are a federated club that complies with legal requirements. A lot of scholarships are provided to the rowing branch in the world. If you have enough occurrences in this sport, you are likely to be able to earn your licence from your trainer and race at the same platform with the most important sports clubs such as Fenerbahce, Besiktas, Galatasaray and ODTU. We are able to get our athletes there. It is not possible to do this in another branch. The importance of this is that as well as the motivation, which children gain, they are able to go to many countries in the world with a scholarship due to their licence. Rowing is a very important and popular branch. As an official rowing club, these facilities are available to our members because we can license them.
Can we do this sport in all weather conditions?
We are a bit softer because we have a Mediterranean climate. However in the Netherlands they always do this sport, no matter what the weather is; rainy, snowy, wavy or windy. Already the feature of rowing is that you can do this sport even when the sea is rough. These self righting boats are impossible to overturn. Even if you hesitate at first, you do not feel the cold after a while, you just row.