Our family is expanding

One of the popular topics consulted with veterinarians is "Which pet is suitable for me?" and we as veterinarians try to conduct you by asking you some questions about your question. For instance;

Have you ever had an animal as a pet? If the answer is yes, “What kind of pet?”. If the answer is no, “Is your home environment ideal for a pet?” In order to access this information, “Is your home owned or rented by you?”. If it is rented “Does the landlord allow you to have pets in the house? If it is owned by you, “Does your house have a garden?” or “Do you live in an apartment?”, “Do you work?”, “Do you think you would be able to spend enough time with your pet?”

We mean the vital inclusion of your pet in your world when we mention “spending enough time”. It now no wonder means “Give food, water and stroke its head”. They also need a toilet, play games and able to burn off excess energy. “Would you be able to make plans that could involve your pet for your spare time or for the weekend?”. If you say you would, "Dog" will be the right choice for you.

If your choice is “cat”, as they don’t need to be walked around but because of their meticulous cleanliness, you will need to keep the litter box clean regularly. As the creation of a cat is more free-spirited; it needs an environment full of trust and peace, a pair of hands when needed to be stroked and a scratching apparatus to remove the dead outer layer of their claws.

Whatever dog or cat you choose, brushing its fur, regular shaving whether it is required depending on the species, parasite treatment and annual check-up are essential. Naturally, these operations require a certain budget.

If you say you cannot deal with the fur, do not have time and have a limited budget but yet would like to have a pet, your pet preference may be; budgies, fish, turtles or guinea pigs that they are mostly kept as a house pet today.

Kindly do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian about all sorts of maintenance, disease control and routine checks of your pets.

Let us not forget that, no matter what animal type you choose as a pet, the common and priority need of all is love. I wish you days full of love and paws.