Kunt Model And Miniature Museum

Their stories and forms of expression sometimes show the struggle for survival in a wrecked fishing boat, the difficulties of a gigantic war, the lost civilizations, and sometimes the rising graph of technology.
They all might seem unrelated... If you are not present in the Kunt Model and Miniature Museum; which respectably conveys the lines and the real experiences of human history. The Kunt Model and Miniature Museum presents its enormous archive in eight different categories: “Ottoman Navy”, “Turkish Boats”, “Civilization Figures”, “Ottoman Figures”, “First and Second World War Aircraft and Armoured Vehicles”, “Ancient War Chariots”, “Collection Cars Gallery” and “Marine Antiques Collection”. Kunt Model and Miniature Museum, located in Konacik Bazaar, is one of a kind in the world in its field with its models exhibited. The museum, which has been hosting its visitors for 15 years with its different way of presentation, is located on the top floor of the architectural office of Architect Emre Kunt. Behind the museum are a 50-year accumulation, passion, and a team. Besides Emre Kunt, the museum also features works of Turkey’s most distinguished modellers. Emre Kunt graduated from the State Academy of Fine Arts in 1969 and moved to Bodrum in 1984. He kept the models, which were the products of the years he created with great passion, in his house for many years. When they did not fit in the house, and he had the desire to share, the museum was born. The accumulation of a half-century, as much as it fits in, is in the museum now... In our opinion, planes, ships, boats, automobiles aside, dioramas depicting different periods of history constitute the most enjoyable part of the museum.
There are models of ships, military and civilian vehicles, dioramas, diving suits, civilization figures and much more in the museum… The Ottoman figures consisting of janissaries, cavalrymen, officers, column chiefs, privates, grand viziers, chamberlains, infantry, soldiers, pashas, sultans, military assistants, lancers, porters, thinners, coffee house keepers, barbers, tailors, drummers, buglers, janissary bands, high officials of the palace, troops and craftsmen... Turkish boats, many of which are historied, such as sponge hunter tirhandil boats, small sailing boats of Surmene and Istanbul, bomb ketch boats, spillway boats, shallops of Tuna, marine force boats, cockleboats... Sound-powered ship telephones, rudders, sextants, diver heads, and the Marine Antiques Collection... With unusual figures, from Assyria and Egypt to World War II, this is a showcase of civilisations that lived… In the traditional museum perception, works and objects found anywhere are exhibited however, all the objects in this museum are offered to visitors in the form of handmade models. It is prioritised that models to be made be especially scientific and a comprehensive pre-study is a must for each model. In summary, every object you visit in this museum is a product of great effort and patience. By the way, the construction of the Ottoman Galleon had taken 426 days. A model of a ship comes out in an average of 1 year.
It is possible to visit the museum free of charge every weekday during working hours. For those, who want to make an appointment, we are writing down the phone number of the museum here. Phone : +90 252 317 06 67