Hardtack is the bread of hard times. It is long lasting but not easy to make.
For years, it was accompanied with sponge fishing expeditions, participated in the dinner of the seamen and was the most consumed food during the periods of mobilisation, war and famine.
The preparation of hardtacks, which can be stored for a long time, is a very detailed and labour-intensive process. The diligent woman from Gurece, Saniye Kurt, got behind the oven for the “Hardtack”, one of the most palatable delicacies of Bodrum, and shared her recipe with us.
For the dough
2 kilos of wheat flour
In order to prepare the dough, knead flour, salt, water and rested yeast together. After kneading the dough, make small dough loaves and shape them. Score 2 or 3 times on the dough using a knife, cover them using a cloth and let them rest for 3 hours.
Meanwhile, light the fire of the wood oven. After the ash in the oven is spited, place the hardtacks into the oven using the peel. Seal the oven and let it bake for 45 minutes.
Place the hardtacks on a tray and divide them using a knife when cool. Put them back in the oven for 6 or 7 hours in order to dry.
After baking, they remain fresh for a long time against the humidity of the sea, the temperature of the air and staling.
You may consume the dry hardtacks after softening them, sprinkle water on them and then wrap them up with a clean cloth.