Tournefort's Gundelia is the folk song of the country… Ignoring the thorns sinking into the fingers, it has shared meals on the tables for a long time. This is probably the reason they say, “There is Gundelia, if there is no meat at home in Bodrum“. Emphasising the contribution of Gundelia to our health, Zehra Denizaslani, whose kitchen we are invited to this spring, says, “If you do not eat it once a year, at least pass by it” and rolls up her sleeves to cook the Cretan style “Askolibrus” or “Gundelia with Lamb”.
1 kilo of Gundelia
½ kilo of bone-in lamb
½ glass of olive oil
1 tablespoon of flour Juice of a lemon
Wash the Gundelia carefully. After washing the boned meat, cook it over a low heat without additional water. When it boils down, add ½ glass of olive oil then put the Gundelia into the pot and add water. Let it simmer for one hour at a low heat and add half tablespoon of salt. In a bowl, stir lemon juice, one tablespoon of flour and some water taken from the pot. Add the mixture into the pot. After boiling over for one or two times, our meal is ready to serve.