While parents imagine carefully nurturing their pets, which they bought or adopted; at first, they find the idea of having a pet endearing and how it would be beneficial to their children’s growth and make the children have a friendship with their pets. They desire everything, amusing antics and cuteness, but as time goes by, it becomes ordinary with such actions as filling up the water dispenser and checking the bowl of food. One day, the ordinariness replaces its place with abandoning the pet at a pet shelter using the excuse of moving to another town, getting married, raising a child ...etc.
After adopting a pet, these are not the extras but the responsibilities to provide a healthy life and take it to a veterinary at periodic times. It is of course challenging to take care of a pet... However, the methods to make this work more facile and the precautions to be taken for the pets’ health are clear. Not only to love but also to feel responsibility and voluntary care is required.
We would like to encounter more people as volunteers but unfortunately the violence, cruelty and abandonment of animals is hugely widespread, but on the other hand, the law enforcements have not been sufficient in relieving this cruelty.
As a matter of fact, what we desire is simple.
Do not hurt “pets”… You may not love them or you may be afraid of them, but do not hurt them!
In addition, it may even be harder to get through the trauma of abandoning a pet, once we experience that.
Wishing that we will do what is humane for “THEM”...

Veterinary Surgeon, Seyma Irem TOSUN