Family- Pet Awareness

We know that living with pets is very beneficial to human health. What about the benefits to kids?

The reason why the children, who love animals and grow up with pets, are somewhat happier (let us face it), is the cute paws.

Because those kids have made a friend to play with.

Some previous studies have shown that a child living in the same house with pets carries a lower allergy risk. The reason for this is that, in the first years of life, the immune system of a baby meeting the furry friend early improves itself against that.

Your child and yourself will not get any diseases from your cat or dog if you regularly have them treated for parasites, vaccinations and other health checks of your pet done. Most importantly, there is no difference between swallowing a healthy pet’s hair and a human hair!

In short, the relationship established with animals actually supports our health at any age; helps reduce stress, blood pressure and the risk of heart disease. Nevertheless, think twice. Before bringing home a pet, weigh the advantages and disadvantages before deciding on whether it will fit your environment, lifestyle and the other folks at home. Finally, yes, the cute paws growing up with your child will give your child the ability to love every living being as they themselves are living while increasing the positive values your child has.

I wish you days full of happiness and cute paws with your healthy pets and healthy children.