A magnificent architecture around a large courtyard and stone streets… From art galleries to design workshops, from handcrafted shops to restaurants, it is a complex venue.
Although its founding philosophy is an uprising, Dibeklihan is an actual masterpiece…
It takes its name from the two gigantic yogurt mortars on its doorstep.
Dibeklihan, which opened its doors between May and October with exhibitions, concerts, interviews, film screenings, fashion shows and similar artistic activities, is a place respecting the culture and nature that it is planned with the desire of exhibiting the beauties, which have been produced by people, to be the gathering point of those, who give their hearts to these beauties.
The Closet Room is the permanent ethnographic exhibition area of this culture and art village. It is the product of a great idea, where various objects used in daily life and which is almost forgotten is exhibited.
The goods in the exhibition prove the impeccable taste of the people of the period, the value and labour it gives to the beauty. Each one is an example that sheds light on folk art and functional art today. We strongly recommend you to visit this unique collection which had taken almost a lifetime to assemble.
I. Hakkı Tonguc Art Gallery, Yildiz Kenter Art Gallery, Erdinc Bakla Art Gallery, Orhan Kemal Square and Nedim Gunsur Street become venues for paintings, sculptures, ceramics, photography, marbling, caricature, many art branches and artists' works.
Be ready for the surprises… At Dibeklihan, some evenings there are flamenco concerts and some evenings jazz. One night there is a poetry recitation, another night a ballet, a violin performance, or a piano recital might welcome you.