Bonito Time

When fish is the subject, “bonitos” (Palamut in Turkish) are the first to come to mind. Its abundant especially in August. In the Marmara Sea and in the Black Sea, smaller bonito types (known as gypsy bonitos) are extensively hunted by line fishing towards the middle of the month. The Aegean Waters are also familiar with bonitos. A bonito, which is usually encountered in shallow water, is hunted in late September, when it gains the most delicious taste and the period of prohibition of fishing is over. The bonito, which is a migrant type of fish that lives in droves, does not have scales and has a dark coloured meat, is the guest on our table in this issue of our “fish guide”. When it is fatty, it may be heavy if pan-fried. However, our favourite style of cooking is to slice the fish into thick medallions and then fry. It is usually preferred as fried or baked. Large sized “Atlantic bonitos” are commonly used to make lakerda (a pickled bonito dish). The bonito fish, which is vitamin D and protein rich, also helps to regulate cholesterol.

We have prepared “Baked Bonito” for you in this issue of our magazine.


Three bonitos

Two potatoes

Two tomatoes

One/two green peppers

Salt, butter, ground black pepper


Slice the cleaned fish into thick medallions; place the fish and vegetables on a baking tray (baking tray should be lined with baking paper). Add salt, ground black pepper and butter. You may place bay leaves on the fish if preferred and then let the bonitos bake in the oven for thirty minutes.

Bon appétit!