A Bowl of Food and a Bowl of Water

These days especially when the temperature is increasing and the unwanted situations such as forest fires are happening, the water need of all living creatures is increasing.

Water consumption for cats and dogs has also increased in recent months. Water helps nutrients and minerals when taken with food to interfere with blood and to transmit them to tissues and organs through circulation.

Water helps regulate body temperature. As it is known, cats do not have sweat glands other than their paws but they can tolerate that this by breathing in a certain way, however, the more we consider how hot the summer season is, the more we understand how vital water is especially for long haired cats

60% of an adult living being is water. This rate is higher in progeny. It has been determined in studies that dogs and cats should consume 4 to 5 times as much water as their daily amount of dry food per day. A cat eating at least 50 grams of dry food a day should consume at least 200-250 millilitres of water. A dog of 20 kilogramme consuming 300-350 grams of food per day should consume as much as 1.5 to 2 litres of water per day. This amount should be much more for cats when moving and playing. It is expected that this amount is slightly lower for cats consuming wet food, because wet food contains 70% water. In this case, it differs from dry food. If we take into account the amount of liquid lost while preening, respiration, defecation and especially mobility, due to the effect of ambient temperature, we can more clearly understand how serious the amount of water to be taken from outside is.

Every artificial environment we create destroys their natural environments of hunting, hiding and sheltering. We are responsible for this, we should not evade responsibility and we should protect these creatures day by day.

There are street animals, which stop by our doors, trying to live with us in our streets. For our little friends, who feel 30 degrees of temperatures as 40 degrees on hot asphalt and carry their fur. We should not forget to put a cup of food and a cup of water in front of our homes and work places.