Tell me your pet, I will tell you who you are.

We all hear people say that pets look like their owners. However it has hardly been mentioned based on science. Actually this likeness is not a coincidence. Two reasons should be considered; the first reason is named as “exposure effect” in psychology and the other one is superior observation and imitation skills that dogs especially have. Commonly, dogs reflect the characters of their owners.

A psychologist stated that different kinds of pets relate with people in certain personality traits. According to him, while fish owners are happy, dog owners are fun, cat owners are emotional and reptile owners are independent.

We also tend to choose pets that look like us.
According to studies, it is seemed that overweight people tent to choose chubby-looking races (pug, bulldog, etc.). In another study participants were asked to pair dogs they had not known before with their owners, and the correct matching ratio was 70%.

If you have a dog prone to violence, I must say that, you probably also have a tendency to violence.
Pit-bull or Rottweiler breed dogs are dangerous without good training and even more dangerous when they unfortunately are forced to be wild. Psychological research has identified that these breed of dogs are preferred by less friendly people.

If you want to maintain a harmonious and happy life with your pet, you must first become conscious of your own character and behaviour. Is it possible to expect the pet of a very talkative person to be quiet? For instance, if you have a difficult and stressful day, most likely your pet friend shares the same mood with you.

Do people choose pets they will live with, or do pets choose people? The answer is both. As time goes on, similarities increase.

Do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian in any matter related to your pet. I wish you and your pet, days full of health, paws and happiness.