The Sweetgum Tree, a Living Fossil

Anatolian Sweetgum forests are a rare, endemic and vulnerable forest ecosystem



Every season has its smells. When December comes, a sharp tangerine smell surrounds Bodrum.

Mugla, Home Country ofPine Honey …

Milas Carpets

Harvest Time in Olive Land

Olive with its roots dating back a thousand years is the wisest tree. The silent witnesses of time bear traces of Rome and Byzantium…

Temel Devren

A branch, a flower, a leaf, falling from the dreams into the truth, settles on velvet. It becomes a top side, a down side, patience, a labour. It reaches from hand to hand, from chest to chest, from the mother to the daughter and to the eternity.

Wings of the wind... Windmills...

Stone towers, dominants of the windy hills and symbols of abundance, are defeated in time and drawing a sigh looking at the sailings on the open sea, their wings are broken and waiting for the wind to blow...

The legendary beauties of Bodrum... Bodrum Gullets (Bodrum type schooners)

Listening to everything about the sea is a distinct pleasure from someone who knows it and lives with it. In this edition of our magazine, we approached the harbour with “Bodrum Gullet” and we listened to the generation, whose roots are extending to the sea, about the legendary

The art of a fisherman, Paragadi (English: Longline)

In Turkish, “longline” is called in various names as paragadi, paraketa, paragat, barigat, kostek, kupeste, cavalye… It is possible to extend the list. It looks like a puzzle dictionary. Paragadi may look unfamiliar and it sounds strange, however, to fishermen, it means labour and the bread...