Red Mullet

The red mullet with its pink-red colour is one of the most favourable fish species on fish stalls and dining tables.

Lagos fish

The white grouper (Epinephelus Aeneus) is the fish name that comes to mind when saltwater fish is the subject.


The most delicious one of the sea bream family, “Fangry Fish” has bitten our bait on this issue of our magazine.

ıt does not take any bait nor eat any fish food...

It does not take any bait nor eat any fish food… The Shiest, most cunning and delicate fish of the seas, the Sargo or White Sea bream (Diplodus Sargus) bites our bait in this issue.

Bonito Time

When fish is the subject, “bonitos” (Palamut in Turkish) are the first to come to mind. Its abundant especially in August.


The weather has started to warm up and the fishing ban has also begun with the breeding season.


A quote of Cemal Sureyya about Breakfast states that “I do not know what you think about eating, but breakfast must have something to do with happiness


In front of your sight, your fish and the most delicious herbs on your plate, turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea… Is there such a place where fish befits table, table befits the sea, and the sea befits the town? What kind of fish should be preferred this season in Bodrum where there is a completely different beauty in winter?